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Episode 3

Securing the Social Layer

Published on: 24th March, 2022

In this episode, we speak with friend of the show Dr. Matthew Canham. Dr. Canham is the CEO of Beyond Layer 7, a consultancy that assists with cybersecurity analytics and culture development, as well as the Senior Director of Operations at the security company Khonsoo.

He previously worked as a Professor of Cyber Security at University of Central Florida, and as a Special Agent in the FBI. During his career in law enforcement, he served as the Program Manager of the Emerging Technologies Program for the FBI’s Operational Technology Division. 

While there, he evaluated new technologies for use in law enforcement, and as a special agent, he investigated cyber-crime, intellectual property theft, and insider threats.

Today we’ll dive into topics including information warfare during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, securing against social engineering attacks, and alternatives to law enforcement for fighting cybercrime.

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